About us

ELEV8 means a kind of imaginary place or state in which one rises to a higher level than usual, either mentally or emotionally.

Elevate your tasty experience with ELEV8, where unsurpassed experiences await you when you step into the magical world of matcha.

As the matcha leaves are finely powdered, the special flavor and intense green color that characterizes the quality offered by ELEV8 emerges. We believe that matcha is more than a drink - a complete experience in which the harmony of body and mind unite.

At ELEV8, we provide the highest quality matcha products to elevate your tea enjoyment to the next level. Our carefully selected matcha leaves, which we source from the most experienced tea farmers, are grown according to traditional methods and hand-picked to offer an authentic and rich taste.

We are proud that each of our matcha drinks creates a perfect harmony between soft, noble flavors and invigorating freshness. Each sip reveals the uniquely delicate texture and rich aromas while revitalizing the body and mind.

At ELEV8, we strive for matcha to elevate every moment of life. In addition to delicious matcha drinks, we offer many special and exciting options. Try matcha-inspired desserts and pastries, in which sweet and spicy flavors meet in the note of matcha. Discover the rich silkiness of matcha lattes and the cooling freshness of matcha tea ice creams.

With ELEV8, you can discover new dimensions of matcha, while also finding its place in everyday life. Choose between special, ceremony-quality matcha, made with respect for tradition, or choose convenient and easy-to-prepare matcha servings for an active lifestyle. Browse through special matcha blends that offer a new and exciting taste experience, or discover our wide range of matcha-infused products that combine the taste of matcha with other natural ingredients.

The ELEV8 team is here to help you find the perfect matcha experience. We will answer all your questions and support you with our expertise in choosing the most suitable matcha products according to your own taste and expectations. Join us as we explore the uplifting world of matcha. Experience matcha positively impacting your life as it elevates your senses and pampers your taste buds.